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Matsuricon 2015 (Columbus OH)
Youmacon 2015 (Detroit MI)
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Update log Social Media

July 6th, 5:00am
  Our Colossalcon 2015 cosplay videos are now on our YouTube Channel & Anvailable as a Direct Download here!

June 21st, 5:00pm
  All of our booth photos from Colossalcon 2015 are now online! Photoshoots, In Character Cosplay, and Masquerade videos coming soon!

June 3rd, 1:00am
  We will be at Colossalcon this weekend! Our photobooth setup will probably be at the same place as last year (between the gamerooms on the map). Stop by for photos!

May 8th, 7:00pm
  Download the Tekko cosplay here, or view it on our YouTube Channel!

April 30th, 12:35am
  Our photos from Tekko 2015 are now online! The cosplay is coming soon!

April 5th 4:00pm
   Also check out our Costumer Focus gallery of Ms. Marvel and Rogue!

April 4th, 8:00pm
  Our photos from Shuto Con 2015 are online! Also the Fashion Show is available for download and on our YouTube channel!

December 12th, 10:44pm
  DeathCom Multimedia will not be attending Zenkaikon in 2015. We apologize for the misinformation.

November 21st 3:30am
  Our costume contest coverage are now on our YouTube channel and available for direct download.

November 15th 6:20pm
  Our photos from Youmacon 2014 are online!

October 29th 7:30pm
  Our photos and videos from Pittsburgh Comicon are online! Also we will be at Youmacon this weekend! Our photobooth will be just outside Main Events!

September 14th, 10:00pm
  Our photos from KuroKiiro Festival 2014 are now online! The Talent Show and Round Table videos will be up soon!

September 8th, 8:30pm
  The Cosplay video for Matsuricon 2014 is now available on our Direct Cosplay Video Downloads and YouTube channel. Additionally, our text report from Youmacon 2013 is up as well. We intend to do text reviews of conventions for future conventions as well.

September 6th, 5:00pm
  Our photos from Matsuricon 2014 are online!

June 27th, 6:30pm
  The Colossalcon 2014 masquerade and character cosplay videos are available on our  Direct Cosplay Video Downloads and YouTube channel.

June 22nd 6:00pm
  Our photos from Colossalcon 2014 are now up! Cosplay videos coming soon!

May 15th, 11:10pm
  Zenkaikon's Cosplay Video is now on our Direct Cosplay Video Downloads page and our YouTube channel.

May 10th, 7:00pm
  Our photos from Zenkaikon 2014 are now online!

April 28th, 4:30pm
  Tekko and Shuto Con videos added to the Direct Cosplay Video Download Page. Also follow us on Twitter!

April 22nd, 4:40pm
  The Tekko 2014 Cosplay and Shuto Con 2014 Cosplay videos are now on our Youtube channel. Direct downloads coming soon. 

April 19th, 8:00pm
  Our photos from Tekko 2014 and Shuto Con 2014 are in the gallery! Cosplay videos should be up tomorrow.

December 5th, 7:00pm
  Major throwback Thursday update! DCM Presents the return of our Otakon 2005 gallery!

November 17th, 5:40pm
  Our booth photos from Youmacon 2013 are now online!

November 6th, 12:20am
  Due to the Youmacon 2013 costume contest being so short, we got it up in record time! You can download it direct here, or view it on our YouTube Channel.

October 23rd, 1:20am
  You can now download the Pittsburgh Comicon contest directly on our Direct Cosplay Video Downloads page. Also, DeathCom Multimedia will be at Youmacon on November 1st - 3rd. Photoshoots are available!

October 9th, 11:30pm
  The Pittsburgh Comicon 2013 Costume Contest photos and video is online as well as the Matsuricon 2013 Cosplay video!

September 8th, 6:50pm
  The daily photos from Matsuricon 2013 are now online!

July 4th, 8:00pm
  Our photoshoots from Colossalcon 2013 are now online!

June 27h, 12:05am
  You can now download the 2013 Colossalcon cosplay directly from us: (for best results, right click save link as..) Together this is over a 4GB download.
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 001 PM02.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 002 PM07.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 003 PN01.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 004 PJ07.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 005 PJ01.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 006 PJ02.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 007 PJ03.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 008 PM01.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 009 PM03.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 010 PM04.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 011 PM05.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 012 PM06.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Entry 013 PE03.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Walkons.mp4
  Colossalcon 2013 Cosplay - Awards.mp4
Files encoded as h.264 MPEG-4 720p

June 25th 10:40pm
  The Colossalcon 2013 Masquerade is now on our Youtube channel! Direct Download will be posted here soon.

June 21st, 7:30am
  The daily photos from the booth at Colossalcon 2013 are online!

June 13th, 12:30am
  Our print and digital orders from Colossalcon 2013 are available now!

May 3rd, 6:30pm
  The Tekkoshocon X-2 cosplay video is now on our Youtube channel!

April 18th, 1:00am
  Our Tekkoshocon X-2 photos are online! Look for the cosplay video here soon!

March 29th, 2:30pm
  DeathCom Multimedia will be at Tekkoshocon X-2 next weekend! Photoshoot slots are still available! Email us here to schedule. Photoshoots are free, but we ask that you purchase a minimum of two of our 8.5x11 prints, or for groups, one print per person. Photoshoots will be done at various locations around the convention center (weather permitting). We reserve the right to cancel or modify the agreed upon schedule without notice.

February 11th, 4:30pm
   DeathCom Multimedia will not be attending Katsucon this year. The reason being is that we have been denied space by Katsucon themselves. If you would like to see us there again next year, voice your opinion at their feedback on Sunday or in convention operations throughout the weekend.

November 16h, 6:35pm
   Our Youmacon 2012 booth photos are online!

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